What do we do?

We help businesses run more efficiently by providing systems integration and software customisation services to meet your exact needs. We can provide anything from a single report to a fully bespoke, enterprise wide, browser based application, tailored to the way your business works.

How do we do it?

Most businesses rely on multiple software solutions. These solutions can be inefficient due to limited integration and  are required to be independently managed. We can help you to get the most out of your systems by providing software integration services to improve your workflows and reduce the time needed to manage these independent solutions.

Free Consultation

We know every company is individual, so why not contact us to discuss  your specific requirements? Our initial consultations are free, so if  you simply want to export data or advice on how to build a complete solution, contact us now…

“Soft coded, as opposed to hardcoded, solutions enable users of software to easily customize it to their needs, without having to rewrite the program’s source code…

The best designed solutions use a combination of soft and hard coding to achieve the best results”

Hazi Mistry, MD

Who are we?

With over 25 years’ experience in software and database development, Softcode Solutions are a specialist software, integration and database solutions provider. With customers worldwide, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises, we specialise in creating tailored software and services.

At Softcode Solutions, we focus on creating the most beneficial solution for you. By working alongside you and your business, we can understand and learn your processes, and then tailor design a soft code solution to boost your business process efficiency and productivity.